Our Digital Workspace

Over the past few weeks, the Vitalities Lab has gone digital. Working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve slid (not without friction) into new workweek routines — progressing existing research projects, commencing new data collection, and collaborating in our analysis and writing. Like many are doing with family, friends, and colleagues, we video-callContinue reading “Our Digital Workspace”

Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment workshop

Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment is a critical feminist arts/research workshop series (and zine!) lead by myself (Ash Watson, postdoc with the Vitalities Lab) and my colleagues Laura Rodriguez Castro (Griffith Uni) and Samantha Trayhurn (WSU). We have run four workshops since late 2018: at Monash University in Melbourne, at Griffith University in Brisbane, at theContinue reading “Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment workshop”