Vitalities Lab Newsletter 9 Spring 2020

10 September 2020 Spring has arrived in the southern hemisphere and we in the Vitalities Lab are welcoming the warmer weather as we continue to adjust to our work from home routines and re-imagine our research projects during the COVID pandemic. As we all work to navigate these challenging conditions, we are particularly excited toContinue reading “Vitalities Lab Newsletter 9 Spring 2020”

COVID-19 and the myth of the digital ‘shift’

Clare Southerton After the COVID-19 pandemic had changed the way many researchers live and work, I started to see a lot of questions and discussion on social media within the academic community about taking research ‘online’ because it could no longer be conducted face-to-face. This is a bit curious because we’re having these conversations onContinue reading “COVID-19 and the myth of the digital ‘shift’”

The Unfamiliar Intimacy of the Face Mask During COVID-19

Marianne Clark and Clare Southerton As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds in devastating and unpredictable ways, the use of face masks (mandated and suggested) as a means to reduce the spread of the virus has gained attention in popular, media and political discourse, evoking (often heated) debates around how effective and necessary they are, and whetherContinue reading “The Unfamiliar Intimacy of the Face Mask During COVID-19”

Friendship by Design: Kawaii Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Megan Rose Why has Animal Crossing: New Horizons been so popular during COVID-19 lockdown, and are the cute characters featured in the game so popular? My research at the Vitalities Lab explores this question with an ethnographic study of online Animal Crossing fandom communities and interviews with players. As a specialist in kawaii (cuteness), I’mContinue reading “Friendship by Design: Kawaii Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

New Vitalities Lab webinar series on innovative methods

The Vitalities Lab has launched a new webinar series involving short-form presentations (slides plus voice-over). These webinars are designed to be clear explanations about using innovative methods and analysing the materials generated. They can be used in undergraduate and postgraduate methods teaching or by any interested researcher. The ‘Breaking Methods’ series can be found onContinue reading “New Vitalities Lab webinar series on innovative methods”

What COVID-19 can remind us of (but that we know from other events)

Jens Lindberg I did not plan to write about COVID-19. There have been so many texts at this point on the different trails of destruction the pandemic will leave behind, and how it will change things forever. But then again, looking back in history, writers will probably be right. So, maybe I can at leastContinue reading “What COVID-19 can remind us of (but that we know from other events)”

Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 8

Tuesday 19 May, 2020 Like many people around the world, all of us in the Vitalities Lab have been adjusting to the ever-changing ‘new normal’. We’re all currently working from home using a range of tools to keep in touch and connected during this time of isolation (you can read about our digital workspace.) SinceContinue reading “Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 8”

Our Digital Workspace

Over the past few weeks, the Vitalities Lab has gone digital. Working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve slid (not without friction) into new workweek routines — progressing existing research projects, commencing new data collection, and collaborating in our analysis and writing. Like many are doing with family, friends, and colleagues, we video-callContinue reading “Our Digital Workspace”

Reflecting on Our Zeal for Fitness in Times of Covid-19

Marianne Clark While perhaps not as essential as pasta or toilet paper, fitness gear such as skipping ropes and yoga mats are flying off store shelves during the Covid-19 crisis. A recent personal search led to countless niche online-fitness stores before finally locating a moderately-priced skipping rope available for purchase. It had a few moreContinue reading “Reflecting on Our Zeal for Fitness in Times of Covid-19”