COVID-19 Visual Diary

Vitalities Lab team members have documented public spaces in their local areas (eastern suburbs of Sydney and inner south Canberra) to record their experiences of living in COVID worlds of physical isolation. These are the new ways of living and engaging with other humans, place, space and things in the highly restricted conditions of physicalContinue reading “COVID-19 Visual Diary”


Can lip-syncing save lives?

Viral health information on TikTok Clare Southerton With the rapid rise of short-form video-sharing platform TikTok, health professionals have started mobilising the popularity of the site to provide users insight into their work conditions as well as offer health advice. In the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, social media has played a particularly centralContinue reading “Can lip-syncing save lives?”

“Mummy & Daddy…Please look at ME!”: Analysing messages to parents about technology use

Marianne Clark, Vicki Harman and Clare Southerton It has been said that we live in an ‘attention economy’, in which our attention is a commodity and the capacity to hold attention is a key value. Increasingly, technology has been blamed for bringing about this state, for distracting and re-orienting our attention to an ever expandingContinue reading ““Mummy & Daddy…Please look at ME!”: Analysing messages to parents about technology use”

The ethics of everyday technologies and the “Amazon Prime Mom” phenomenon

Clare Southerton, Marianne Clark and Vicki Harman Digital technologies and platforms are increasingly important parts of our everyday lives, so much so that it often makes more sense to think about how we come to exist with and through these technologies, rather than how we “use” them. This entanglement between humans and technologies can beContinue reading “The ethics of everyday technologies and the “Amazon Prime Mom” phenomenon”